Collection: EMX Fork Upgrades

FastAce/DNM/KKE/TALARIA/Ultra B Upgraded spring

This heavier spring gives the fork more support and a firmer ride.

- Fast Ace 50lb,60lb,65lb spring upgrade

- DNM 50lb spring upgrade

-Talaria 65lb


EMX SKF Dust Wiper Seals

SKF seals have been designed and manufactured to obtain better performance than with traditional ones and consequent increase of:

  • Durability
  • Performance and smoothness (as per video below)
  • Fork's protection from water penetration, dust and mud
  • UV resistance

General reduction of wear and air suction inside fork


EMX Damper Re Valve

Our customized compression tunes take this fork to the next level. Depending on your riding ability and weight we offer several tunes depending on the fork; plush for those softer riders, aggressive for growing a little hair on your chest, and heavy for those big boy days.

(Offered in house only installed by one of our qualified technicians)

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