2022 General Labor Price Sheet (seals included)

*Pricing does not include worn parts or damaged parts other than common wear items such as seals, glide rings, etc. Pricing accounts for uninstalled "off the bike" suspension. Forks that come in on a bike are an additional $20, shock an additional $10. *All listed rates are approximate estimates and could change on a case-by-case basis.


    Monarch (RL, RT, RC3, etc.) $160 

    Monarch plus $180 

    Vivid air $190-220 

    Vivid/Kage Coil $150-170 

    Deluxe, Super Deluxe air and coil (non thru-shaft) $170 

    Deluxe thru Shaft $195 

    Brain Shock $220-350 *we install IFP and other parts to make shock more durable. Once shock has up-graded parts it runs $220 for regular maintenance. 

    Sid lux $170 

    Al-a-cart *Parts not included 

    -Air Can Service $75 

    -Damper oil change $80 


    -Single Crown full fork service $185 

    -Double Crown Full fork service $205 

    -Brain Fork $200-225 

    Al-a-cart *Parts not included 

    -Lower Leg Service 

    -Lower leg Quick Lube $50 

    -Air Spring Service $30 

    -Damper Oil Change $40 

    -Travel Change $70