Collection: MTB Fork Upgrades & Hop Ups

Vorsprung Secus

For the first time, we created an air spring with a truly better spring rate, everywhere in the travel, than a coil. The Secus upgrade delivers the first and only air spring system to really come indistinguishably close to the linear spring rate of a coil fork for the entire first 2/3rds of its travel, with the advantage of a gentle end stroke progression to prevent bottoming without the “wall of force” harshness that excessively progressive springs create.

DSD Runt

Dual chamber air spring cartridge. The patented design provides a near linear compression curve for a “coil-like” feel while maintaining infinite adjustability. 
  • Easy Drop-In Installation
  • Half the price of a coil conversion
  • Coil like suppleness and mid-stroke support
  • Built in tunable progression or “bottom out resistance”
  • 1/2 Lb Lighter than coil conversions and only 20 grams heavier than same amount of tokens or spacers
  • Maintains your fork’s air spring compatibility.
Service Application

Vorsprung Luftkappe

The Luftkappe offers more compliance, support, grip and control. By softening the initial stroke, the Luftkappe enhances sensitivity and enables higher air pressure for increased support in the middle and end of the stroke. Giving you less harshness and hand fatigue.

Vorsprung Smashpot

Experience phenomenal grip, control and sensitivity with the Smashpot - the bottomless fork coil spring conversion system for single crown enduro forks.
  • Phenomenal sensitivity & bump-eating performance
  • Consistent, predictable spring rate in all conditions
  • Cuts fork friction roughly in half compared to an air fork
  • Adjustable hydraulic bottom out control for the big hits
  • Caters to rider weights from 45kg (100lbs) to 125kg (275lbs) with 10 coil spring rates
  • Allows lighter riders to get the most use out of their forks
  • Allows heavier riders the support they need without the harshness that comes with excessive air pressures
  • Only coil conversion system on the market allowing up to 180mm travel (fork max travel permitting)
  • Easily adjust your travel with internal spacers - no new parts required
  • Unique Hydraulic Bottom-out System prevents harsh bottoming
  • Can be transferred between different forks with minimal parts /cost
  • Reliable and low maintenance, set and forget.
  • Easy to install and easily serviceable