2022 General Labor Price Sheet (seals included)

*Pricing does not include worn parts or damaged parts other than common wear items such as seals, glide rings, etc. Pricing accounts for uninstalled "off the bike" suspension. Forks that come in on a bike are an additional $20, shock an additional $10. *All listed rates are approximate estimates and could change on a case-by-case basis.


    -Damper re-valve $60-$100  

    -Individual Stanchion replacement *Fox and Rockshox only, *Call for availability $150-$200 

    -Steer Tube Replacement *Available for most brands, $155-$205 

    -Warranty leg work back to manufacturer for product not purchased from us $50 

    -Headset service $30 *parts not included 

    -Cut steer tube and install fork $30 

    -Stanchion fill $20-30 

    -Bushing re-sizing $40, $20 each side 

    -Fork Bushing Replacement $30 each plus parts, $120 for all 4 plus parts 


    Parking lot set up $60 *Setting PSI, adjusting volume spacers, Balancing rebound and compression