2024 General Labor Price Sheet  

(seals included) *pricing does not include worn parts or damaged parts other than common wear items, Seals glide rings, etc. Forks that come in on a bike are an additional $20, shocks vary depending on difficultly removing/installing and pivot design. If your suspension is dirty, we may add a cleaning fee of $10-$30. *All Listed pricing are approximate estimates and could change on a case-by-case basis. 


    - Topaz Service $170 

    - Jade Service $150-$160 


    - Air Can Service $90-$100 

    - Damper oil change $80 


    - Single Crown full fork service $185 

    - Double Crown Full fork service $205 


    - Fork Lower Leg Service $110 

    - Fork Lower Leg Quick Lube $50 

    - Damper Oil Change $40 *parts not included 

    - Air Spring Service $40 *parts not included